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New dawn: Harmony in diversity|新春合鸣,美美与共

22/01/2024 289


Traditional Charm

On the last day of the semester, faculty members from around the world, with their love for Chinese culture and anticipation for the New Year, come together to celebrate the joyous festival of the New Year.

In the human world, the festive colors shine brightest during the New Year. At the school's New Year market, various stalls are arranged in an orderly manner, each carrying a unique theme of traditional Chinese handicraft. Here, every participant has the opportunity to engage hands-on, enriching the festive atmosphere of the New Year even further.


This Spring Festival market is not just a cultural experience but also an exchange of souls. Here, we have collectively created a start to the New Year filled with love and hope, perfectly blending tradition and modernity, allowing everyone to feel the warmth and joy of the Spring Festival.


Cultural Integration


The moment the lights came on, we witnessed a cultural feast that transcended national boundaries. Teachers, with their talents and passion, meticulously arranged a series of spectacular performances.


Whether it was the recitation of Chinese poetry, the playing of Western classical instruments, or choir singing, each brought a feast for the senses to all. 

These performances not only made us feel the diversity of cultures but also deeply experience the warmth and inclusiveness of the school as a big family.


Shining Moments

In 2024, let us move forward together, whole and renewed, along the path we have chosen together, doing what we believe is right. With a passion for education, carrying responsibility and commitment, let us together create a bright future.


— Founder Jing Pei



Life is vast, with mountains and streams. Standing at the corner of time, 2023 represents a new beginning for the entire team. With new breakthroughs and challenges, growth and gains, we believe that while an individual can go fast, a group can go further. We appreciate every member's contribution, acknowledging the outstanding team and individuals for their diligent efforts and exceptional contributions.


As fireworks rise, illuminating the world, we toast to this year. In the new year, we will continue to advance together, facing new challenges with a new posture. How fortunate we are to walk through the years side by side. In 2024, let us all embrace the new era, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, with dragons soaring and a future full of promise.