Working for the BTTI -

Work With Us

Teachers and trainers on The BISS Teacher Training Institute make a substantial contribution to educational reform in China, while discovering one of the most exciting cities and fascinating cultures in the world. Through this project you will create a dynamic learning environment that will allow students to develop communicative English skills and teachers to improve their methods. Through regular training you will develop professionally and be exposed to current teaching methods and techniques in the EFL field and how they can be localized. You will hone your skills to become a more effective lesson planner, materials designer and teacher, who can respond and adapt according to the needs of you students. Through team teaching you will learn to work with a Chinese partner, develop cross-cultural communication and relationship management skills. 

Our salary packages reflect the qualifications and experience of our teachers, and compare favourably with most language training centres in this region. Both the salary package and the teaching role differ from those at BISS and other international schools.  All packages include a base salary, accommodation allowance, travel allowance and medical insurance as well as extensive training and teacher support, and are inclusive of paid leave during school vacations in addition to public holidays. 

Teaching Duties may include:

  •  Co-plan & prepare resources based on the local English textbooks
  •  Team teach English lessons with local partner
  •  Keep up to date planning & reflection notes
  •  Assist with special performances or festivals
  •  Participate in related research; provide feedback; conduct tests & surveys


School EnvironmentExperience working in a local Chinese School: flag raisings, ceremonies, and morning exercises. Work alongside a local Chinese teacher and faculty but with the support of an international team of trainers and colleagues with whom you can share ideas and tackle mutual challenges.

Orientation SupportFinding a new place to live, communicating in a new language, learning about transport options, local food, and where to get good deals; These are all part of settling into a new place. It can be overwhelming, but our team can help with this transition. Many of us have already gone through this challenging phase and can offer good advice and assistance. Upon arrival, you will have a strong network of people to call upon for help.

Team ModelIn addition to working with a local Chinese English teaching partner, you will also be part of a larger team of international English teachers working in schools throughout the District.  As a team you will receive, and have the opportunity to contribute towards each other’s, professionall development during weekly training sessions.