Student Leaders & Student Council

BISS students have the opportunity to contribute to student life in both the elementary and secondary schools via two forums:

  • Elementary School Student Leaders (All Grade 5 students)
  • Seconday School Student Council (Representatives voted on from each grade)

Elementary School Student Leaders


All Grade 5 students participate in the Elementary School (ES) Student Leaders group, which is run as an ASA on Friday lunchtimes.  The group also meets at others times to organise and lead events for the ES community.


For students in G5

  • Foster students’ understanding of the purpose, importance and responsibilities of leaders and effective leader attributes.
  • Give students the opportunity to develop leader attributes through meaningful experiences related to the school curriculum.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of action.

For the ES community

  • Build BISS spirit through community-building activities and the reporting of these activities.
  • Build school house team competitive spirit.
  • Provide other ES students with role model behaviour.
  • Provide other ES students the opportunity to develop an understanding of leadership and action.

Secondary School Student Council

Information on the SS Student Council will be posted shortly!