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Join BISS Musical Charity Night

02/12/2019 829

On December 6, Beijing BISS International School is presenting the Musical Charity Night. The annual BISS production is one of the brightest events in our school’s calendar every year, and the 2019 musical is a unique one. BISS students, under the artistic and pedagogical supervision of Mr Peter Herrera, created their own story inspired by aspects of our school’s philosophy and the IB Learner Profile. BISS Musical Charity is presenting “Blackbird Flies” to the public. The script and some of the musical pieces were written and composed by students from Pre-K to grade 12. The story is about a blackbird that falls out of the nest and breaks his wing. Some school children rescue it and as they nurse him back to health, they are teaching the blackbird about different attributes of the IB Learner profile. As the bird gets closer to flying back to its mother, he is also developing his understanding of being open-minded, caring, and reflective… Secondary school students in hats and gowns perform in the final scene showing how they developed from PYP and now graduate from high school reflecting on the time when they saved the little black bird.


This event requires the audience to book tickets in advance, and the income from tickets sale will be donated to charity organizations. There will be a charity FLEA MARKET outside the concert venue and students and parents are warmly welcomed to participate. Let us lighten the musical passion through this winter charm!